Spotlight on Manpreet

Introducing Manpreet, our bakery’s pastry chef.

If you’ve ever tried a Well and Good Bakery cake it’s likely the product was developed by Manpreet. Here’s a quick rundown on this key member of our team.



Manpreet brings a wealth of gluten free baking experience to the Well and Good Bakery. His in-depth understanding of industrial baking processes and product development is the result of 10 years in the industry. After graduating from pastry school, Manpreet learned best industry practices from his mentor, Sam Barak.

A popular part of our range is sourdough bread that has a unique flavor profile. Manpreet has developed a proprietary baking process that results in amazing, crusty gluten free bread with a delicious sourdough flavour.

Looking ahead, Manpreet is excited about the opportunities for 2020. He has several NPD projects in progress for new baked breads – all of which should hit the market later in the year. “I love getting creative in the bakery, it’s what keeps me motivated and happy in my job!”, says Manpreet.

Managing Director, Sam Barak, says, “Since moving from India, Manpreet has joined the Well and Good team and has been instrumental in our company’s growth trajectory”.

A selection of Manpreet’s gluten free cakes

Apple cake
Bundt cake
Choc mud cake
White mud cake
Date cake

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